Governmental and OEM Compliance

ecoTech is your responsible recycler

ecoTech Management is a leading provider of municipal recycling program support services and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) compliance programs. We will use our experience from managing recycling programs for OEM/manufacturers, Collectives, and Municipalities, to help create a custom recycling program for your company.

On-site Auditing

We pride ourselves in completing the meticulous processes to be sure that our facility is compliant with current state and federal regulations. We offer on-site auditing to show our clients what our facility is all about. We encourage our clients to come to our facility to see their products go through the process of guaranteed data destruction.

We want to answer your questions, we are here to help! Call (631) 750-2520 to speak with an electronics recycling expert today. Whether you are looking to fulfill legal requirements or voluntarily create a sustainable recycling program for your electronic products, you can trust ecoTech to find the best solution for you.

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Total Pounds Recycled

Questions about New York and New Jersey State regulations call (631) 750-2520 to speak with an electronics recycling expert.