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Why Choose ecoTech?

ecoTech is a division of Crestwood Metal Corp,
one of the largest recycling and refining facilities in the Northeast.

  • Over 65 years of recycling experience
  • R2 and RIOS Certified
  • Member of ISRI
  • Member of NAID
  • Utilized by national and military agencies
  • Servicing Fortune 500 companies
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Why is e-waste recycling important?

Electronics recycling reduces waste by reusing and refining of electronic components to create new products. Electronic waste contains valuable components that can be used for recovered which saves energy and valuable resources.

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How does it impact the environment?

Improperly discarded electronics may also create a problem, with heavy metals leaching into the ground and drinking water supply. Responsible recycling helps protect the environment!

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How is e-waste recycling beneficial to you?

E-recycling saves New York and New Jersey businesses money by allowing them to discard their old, nonworking, and unwanted electronics safely. We guarantee complete data destruction for all of your e-waste needs.